Improve your fitness so you can race faster and longer with the bespoke karting, BIKC Race Fit program brought exclusively to TeamSport by Claire Johnson, The Naked Warrior – Motorsport Fitness, Nutrition & Performance Coach, and TeamSport & BIKC Ambassador who also competed in BIKC 2022.
Do you want to improve your racing performance for karting and ensure you have the stamina and fitness required for the demands of multiple races at qualifying as well as the Local and Regional Final?
This unique karting Race Fit program is designed to maximise driver performance, physical endurance, reaction time, and longevity, and ultimately results in the kart. It pays attention to key areas such as core, neck, and grip strength to maximise driver functionality and longevity.
Completing the BIKC Race Fit program will ensure you have the required stamina and endurance to be able to cope with the demands of racing plus increase your base fitness levels to help overcome fatigue and loss of focus.
This 6 week program is tailored towards the individual karter after a full lifestyle consultation completed with one-to-one coaching and accountability throughout. If you are ready for success and looking to get the edge to win this is the program for you.
For more information or to get BIKC Race Fit – email Claire at [email protected] or contact 07557 683770.
ALSO AVAILABLE… TOTAL TRANSFORMATION & EAT FOR RESULTS – online fitness and nutrition app that provides bespoke workouts to do at home or in the gym with a customised nutrition plan uniquely designed for your body type, training goals, and racing needs. Recipes are provided that suit your individual goals, taste preferences, and dietary requirements that are healthy, nutritious, and easy to follow. With a shopping list feature and dine-out options achieving success is made simple!
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