16 and over categories are organised in to weight classes

Lightweight: Drivers weighing under 70kg
Middleweight: Drivers weighing no less than 70kg
Heavyweight: Drivers weighing no less than 85kg

For the 2024 edition of the BIKC, there are a number of changes that have been made in order to keep the Championship fresh and exciting. The biggest change we will see is the movement of the weight limits for Middleweight and Heavyweight. This has been done based on feedback from competitors and a desire to widen the appeal of the Championship. We also acknowledge that this could affect the competitiveness of some of the heavier drivers in the BIKC, so for this reason, we have introduced the 100 Cup, which will be awarded to the highest finishing driver that weighs more than 100kg. More details will become available soon.

What stage is weighing done and how often?

There will be a weigh-in for every stage of the competition. The first weigh-in will be at entry to the competition, which will happen when registering at the track. Then at the start of every stage of the competition as well as random weight testing through the race meetings. You will be required to initially select your weight category at registration to determine your category, and then our track teams will verify this on the arrival of your first BIKC qualifying session.

For any questions regarding the weigh-in procedure please email [email protected].